I help companies use content to create informed users and increase conversion rates.

Results are tricky because they’re always changing. So these results are a snapshot in time for various clients I’ve worked with.

60% more likely to convert

People who visited the site and viewed an article were 60% more like to convert than someone who didn’t read an article.

Revenue increase by 90%

In nine months of content optimization, we increased revenue from article readers by 90%.

20% time-on-page increase

After optimizing site content, time-on-page increased by 20% across the site.

SEO Audit Case Study

SEO Improvement Chart

By optimizing site health through an SEO audit and implementation (black line) we were able to increase organic traffic (yellow bars). The two numbers are very much related, proving the value of audits and optimizations.

Content Development Case Study

After creating a content strategy and consistently creating new content, this site went from 200 keywords to 2,700 keywords in just ten months.

Content Marketing Case Study


I started working with this company at the start of 2023. I completed a site audit and started generating three to four articles per month. Clicks from Google increased by 170%.