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Transforming prospects into educated consumers

I help companies build brand awareness and convert potential leads into loyal customers through content. I use Marcus Sheridan’s content marketing and writing methods to answer your customers’ questions and help increase your conversion rates.

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People I've worked with:

Mike Bradbury

I can’t recommend Laura enough for her work as a content marketer. Her knowledge of customer journeys, mixed with a strong technical grasp of SEO makes her a strategic asset. Throw in her ability to define, organize, and automate content production, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more skilled content director.”

Mike Bradbury, Marketing Strategist

“Laura’s experience became evident in early marketing strategy meetings, as she brought well-developed concepts and feedback to the team. While her expertise is in content, she has a solid understanding of marketing principles which helped us create some of our most successful marketing initiatives.”

Isaac Holmgren, Product Marketer

Marie Tipton

Laura is a true professional! From the moment I met her, I could tell she was just top notch. She came into our team and just took a whole inventory of our organic SEO, she created new dashboards and helped us understand our impact with organic SEO. She comes up with great actionable ideas that move the needle. She also is calm well under pressure. Laura was a pleasure to work with.

Marie Tipton, Small Business Owner

Skyler Moss

Laura is one of the most talented Content Marketers I’ve ever worked with. A talented SEO that gets it, and if she doesn’t, will jump in to figure it out. She knows growth through content and how to scale it to hit the right metrics. Her work speaks volumes and I’m happy to speak about her abilities and qualities any day, anytime to anyone.

Skyler Moss, CRO

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